About Us

Hi, I’m Brendon and I head up the Rod Ends NZ team. My path to being part of this company was through motorsport, starting with club level events on gravel and tarmac, a few gravel rallies, a few more as a co-driver including a win in the National 2WD class.

With some time off from racing due to family commitments I slowly built my new race car, during this process I grew my passion for engineering of which I can’t get enough of now.

Rod Ends NZ is a result of the people I met from racing and building, I recognised there was an opportunity to supply high quality rod ends and make the creation of linkages and suspension arms easy for others doing the same as I was. It is great to now be helping others with their projects.  

Completing the team we have a couple of guys who work on the tools utilising their decades of experience in engineering and business to ensure we produce the highest quality products for you.

Having the opportunity to work directly with the rod end manufacturer has enabled us to make suggestions and improvements to the rod end design. It is exciting to see the design improvements taken onboard and implemented through to the products we offer.