Female Aluminium 2 piece Rod End - Imperial 3/16 to 5/8

Female Aluminium 2 piece Rod End - Imperial 3/16 to 5/8

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Designed and built with weight reduction in mind and to hold up to the most demanding conditions Ultra Rod Ends feature a metal to metal loading zone for increased load capability. Used primarily in performance applications where weight reduction and strength are a priority, aluminium rod ends are on average half the weight of their steel based equivalent and keeping a load rating equivalent to the Carbon Steel version. The injection molded Nylon/PTFE race is self-lubricating; designed to keep the grit out and the ball rolling smoothly. The ball is heat treated and chrome plated, delivering a robust high strength rod end. The Aluminium bodied series rod ends come anodized in Natural finish to ensure they look good after many hours of use.

All Rod Ends come with one jam nut standard, no need to go looking for it in our store.

If you are seeking further specifications drop us a message via our contact us page or email info@rodendsnz.co.nz

Standard spacers available to be used in conjunction.