Urethane End
Urethane End

Urethane End

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Ultra Urethane Ends are designed and built to help reduce vibration in a suspension arm, they are 4130 chromoly, zinc plated plated to ensure they look good after many hours of use.

They can be used in road cars as well as race cars.


Thread Eye hole Mounting width
Option 1
3/4 right hand UNF 5/8" 1 7/8" (44.45mm)
Option 2 3/4 right hand UNF 12mm 50mm
Option 3 3/4 right hand UNF 14mm 50mm

All Urethane Ends come with one jam nut standard, no need to go looking for it in our store.

If you are seeking further specifications drop us a message via our contact us page or email info@rodendsnz.co.nz