Custom made suspension arms and linkages

From small linkages used on throttle assemblies, medium sized gear shift linkages to large suspension arms using our biggest rod ends we can custom make to match your specifications.

Tubing materials to choose from

  • Hollow 7075 T6 aluminium
  • Seamless 1020 carbon steel tube

Tube size and wall thickness is dependent on the rod end size specified. Material sizing will be included in your order summary.

All steel tube is stripped bare (no protective coating) leaving you the choice of how you would like to apply protection. Whether it be electroplating, powder coating, or spray paint for example.

How to order

  1. Using our contact form or email to let us know the following:
    1. which rod ends you want to use
    2. the material you would like to use
    3. the length you would like (see how to measure below)
    4. and how many you require.
  2. We will price up your request and email you through an order summary with material description in an invoice format. When in doubt about the details we will be in contact to confirm.
  3. Upon confirmation of order from yourself and payment being made we will build your linkages/arms and ship them out to you. Easy! 

How to measure up