Tube Bung - Metric

Tube Bung - Metric

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Our weld in threaded tube bungs are machined to precise tolerances from easily weldable steel. These are an effective way of adapting rod ends to a variety of applications, the mushroom shape of these bungs allows for easy and precise welding. They are available in both right and left hand thread all coming in UNF.

Size 10 x 1.25mm 12 x 1.25mm 14 x 1.5mm
Fit tube OD x Wall (imperial) 0.75 x 0.065 0.875 x 0.065
1.00 x 0.065

For those looking for a solution with no welding we are able to custom make arms and linkages where the tube is swaged and threaded (metric or imperial) to take a rod end. Please see our Custom Arms and Linkages page if this is the solution you are looking for.

If you are seeking further specifications drop us a message via our contact us page or email